Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We had a great time in Salt Lake City. Dan's conference went well. Sadly, Will got really sick and wasn't able to leave the Marriot for the whole time he was in SLC. I hear he's feeling better now. Dan took CJ and me to Big Ed's for breakfast. Then we drove around and checked out our old apartments and workplaces.

Dan worked at the Pie when he was going to the University of Utah. I worked at the Bookstore Post Office on campus. We went to check it out too but they had moved it. I did leave a note for my boss Susan who I love dearly. I hope she got it.

This is where Dan lived. He had the basement apartment. He lived right around the corner from me and we didn't even know it.

I lived in the dorms for my first year at the U. I hated them. I did meet two of my favorite girlfriends while living there. The dorms are gone now and that is kind of sad.
I took a photo of the Anthropology building because most of my classes were there.

This was my apartment on Elizabeth Street. I lived there for less than a year because I had to move home for a bit. It was the cutest apartment. I was so sad when I had to leave.

Sarah and I lived in this basement for our last year at school. I think most of my memories happened in this apartment. Good and Bad.

It was fun to visit my old turf.


Anonymous said...

Old stomping grounds. Too cool. So many great memories.


Kris said...

Oh that was fun to see all those places again! The dorms are gone??? Crazy, but they were gross! I'm so sad I missed you, Lauren and I were hanging out at the hospital thinking about you. Looks like Dan's reading went well though!