Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Two of my dear friends were able to come to Dan's reading. Stephanie (the cute blond pixie) was my roommate at Ricks College. She is the cutest thing ever. I think it has been 12 years since we've seen each other. It was fun to catch up. Melissa is my friend from my days in the University of Utah dorms. She is amazing and smart and gorgeous. We lost touch for a long time but she found me through Buffy's myspace page. I was so excited to see her and hear how wonderful her life is going.

Cute Stephanie

Supermodel Melissa

I love these girls so much. It meant so much to me that they were able to take time out of their lives and come to Dan's reading. I had so much fun catching up with them.

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Midge said...

Man that could have been me in that photo with you. You look beautiful.