Saturday, April 19, 2008

Treasures from my trip to California
Mommy and CJ helped me get some treasures at estate sales, yard sales and one Williams Sonoma Outlet in Neveda (Oh, and Marshalls). My Mommy surprised me with the one above. Dan and I bought this type drawer/knick knack holder as a wedding present from an antique store in Monrovia. Anyhow, I fill it with treasures. My Mom was telling me about this red letter opener she made when she was in the 7th grade (i think) and how she was so proud of it. I of course asked if I could have it (I have no tact) and she said "Well, maybe someday." When I got home and cleaned out my purse I found it tucked away in a pocket. A secret surprise that made me so happy. A treasure for sure. Good thing they didn't stop me at the security check point at the airport. I would have been clueless.

Well, we found this flower print for 25 cents at a yard sale. Mommy, do you like where I put it or do you think I should put it in my special closet?

We found this table runner at an estate sale in Monrovia for 1 dollar. Amy, this estate sale was on Stedman Place right down the street from your house.

This recipe holder was 50 cents which I shouldn't brag about here since I gave it to Dan for our anniversary. I love you Dan.

I found this sugar canister at Marshall's. I have a thing for labeled containers in our kitchen. I think I'm done with it now because my kitchen is beginning to look like I'm learning English. I love the sea foam green color.

One of Mommy's students drew this picture of Bono. I know he isn't the right color but I fell in love with it. She drew it from a photo of Bono on my Mom's phone. I think it's cute that she has him sitting on a pea pod.

Well, I'm on the hunt for napkins that are good deals. I found the blue ones in a pack of four for 2 bucks. The pink ones were from the Williams Sonoma Outlet ( I think I got 6 for 12 dollars). And I found three of the flower applique ones for 25 cents at a yard sale. I like using them instead of paper towels. They make me feel more special. I've started putting them in Dan's lunchbox. I hope he's okay with that.

I finally found a bread box that didn't break the bank. I wanted a vintage one but this one works just fine. I found it at Marshall's for 12 dollars. It was a pain to pack in my suitcase. I had to leave two gilded frames (that I had big plans for in our bedroom) behind so I could take the bread box. My next house will have the frames in it for sure. Good thing Mommy and CJ gave me a storage shelf in the basement at home.

Mommy found these pins and earrings for a dollar each. She shared with me. I can't wait to wear them. I think I'm going to wear the art deco looking one in my hair.

Please excuse my nasty boo boo on my thumb but I wanted to show how cute these earrings are. They say Give Peace A Chance on them. CUTE.

Thank you Mommy and CJ for helping me make my home so nice.
I really feel like I'm in California when I'm at home and that is a blessing.
Love you.


Kevin and Amy said...

Dang you found some amazing deals. You have a great talent for finding such beautiful things. I love that table runner, what a treasure. I wish I could of been there with you. It makes me sad to think of home. I miss it so much.

Katherine said...

Wow! It was so fun reading your blog tonight. Your were on a blogging spree. I love it. I LOVE the type drawer/knick knack holder idea. Very cool. I loved seeing all of your other great finds too. It does feel good to have your little reminders from home.

Kris said...

You made me laugh out loud at the learning English thing. Love the idea of wearing the pretties in your hair! So chic!

Anonymous said...

You scored. Everything looks just out of a magazine. I would expect nothing less. Very pretty!