Friday, April 18, 2008

Kat and Dan Date Day

Dan and I went on a date day today. We haven't had a lot of time together lately so today was the day. I took him to the hot dog vendor here in town. Martha said the dogs were good and Dan has been itchin to have one. I watched him eat it and thought about how I was such a great wife. I don't like hot dogs or chili but Dan loves them. He sure was happy.

Then we went to the Post Office to mail some special packages and get some stamps. I love the Tiffany stamps. Anyhow, the Post Office in Downtown Hattiesburg is my favorite thing about living here. It is so beautiful.

If I had to have a mail box, I would want it to be #1111.
I'm just sayin.

This floral design on the ceiling is so pretty. Someday I'm going to copy it in some future project.

Well, we did some boring stuff after the exciting trip to the Post Office. We went to Target.
Hey, if anyone finds the dishtowels at their local Target that have green apples on them, I would be so happy. I found one here in Hattiesburg and have asked family in Washington, Arizona and California if they could find them and they can't. No fun. I liked how the dishtowel looked next to my kitchen gnome.

Dan gave me the biggest pre-anniversary gift. He took my favorite sunglasses in and had them fixed for me. The lady did it for free. How nice of her. I'm modeling them here outside the movie theater. I think they are super cute. I'm so happy that Dan was able to salvage them. I got them for 50 cents at an estate sale in California. Oh, Dan and I went to the matinee to see Smart People. They had a deal where we got in for 4 bucks each. Woo Hoo. I love a deal.

Well, it has been a lovely date day. Daniel made Pad Thai for dinner and we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I love that movie.
Buffy made it to Hawaii. She is sleeping on the deck of a boat tonight and going deep sea fishing tomorrow. Exciting.


Kevin said...

That post office is beautiful.

Buffy is in Hawaii? Lucky girl.


Kitty said...

Buffy went to meet up with some old roommates from BYU Idaho. I think they are going to have a grand time. Lucky for sure.
love you

Katherine said...

I love your post office. You ought to see our sad little post office. I wish I was with Buffy. I've had yearnings for Hawaii lately.