Thursday, April 03, 2008


This photo is embarrassing but I had to share. I obviously left my diet behind this evening. CJ is really good at spoiling me. I got to sit in his recliner with Bono and he went out and got In-N-Out. He got me a grilled cheese with no onions, fries and a strawberry shake. Bono was happy to share with me.
Daniel, I wish I could send you a Double Double Animal Style.
Thank you, CJ.
You're the best.


Anonymous said...

Lucky Girl! I love In-N-Out.

Anonymous said...

That's always the best treat. When I go home CJ will let me sit in that chair and he'll make me a fatty-fat salad or a sandwich. Which is fantastic after driving 6 hours even though I feel bad that I'm letting him cook for me. I think you should do this a few more times while you are home. It's excellent.


Katherine said...

I'm so glad you're blogging in Cali. I would have missed you!

Midge said...

I'm so so sad I missed you guys. I should have drugged myself and come up anyways. Hope you had a good trip. Some day we will hang out I hope.

Anonymous said...

Warning...I just make it clear that this chair will swollow you whole. Once you get in the chair, it is next to impossible to get out. So although it is very sweet of CJ and he would spoil us even if we weren't stuck in the chair, it is necessary to have food brought to you while you are being held hostage. It is also not good to be stuck it in it when you are throwing a fit and attempting to make a dramtic exit.