Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fritzi, you're wanted on the horn.

My Dad never called me by my given name. He always called me Fritzi. Always. I think it is so sad that a nickname fades away from your memory. I was thinking about it tonight. My Dad used to sing me the Ka Ka Ka Katie song whenever I was down. I remember calling him from school or Alaska and he would sing it to me. Anyhow, I found these comic stips of Fritzi Ritz and I was thinking that maybe he got the nickname from them. It kind of fits don't you think? This first picture of Fritzi Ritz is so me.
The comic strip we now know as Nancy was originally named Fritzi Ritz and was created by Larry Whittington in 1922. It was all about the exploits of a New York "flapper" and promising movie starlet. In 1925 Ernie Bushmiller was brought in to do the strip. Ernie modeled Fritzi after the women he loved, Abby Bohnet. Five years later, in 1930, Ernie and Abby were married.
The comic strip followed Fritzi Ritz's romantic adventures & the situations she encountered as a free spirited, independant women of the 1920's. After winning a beauty contest, Fritzi worked as an actress in a small studio in New York. Fritzi, being the beautiful women that she was, and still is today, had many suitors and led quite an exciting life. It wasn't until 1933 that Nancy was introduced as Fritzi's orphaned niece.

I like that my Dad had a special name for me. I think I'm going to assume that he was inspired by this comic strip in some way. I don't want to forget the special name my Dad had for me. I'm going to find some way to showcase it in my life.
This is so me. The happy, gracious hostess to the bossy, sassy Kitty who is wondering how much of her expensive shampoo in the pretty bottle is being used. Buffy, does this sound familiar?
Have a lovely day.


yiching said...

Fritzi IS totally you!

And I remember the first time you told me your daddy always called you Fritzi back at the post office. You were so happy and proud. :)

fritzi kat. *hugs*

Katherine said...

I love knowing all of that. My dad has sung the Ka Ka Ka Katie song to me several times too.

Kris said...

You are SO a Frtizi to me ever since you first told me he called you that. It's just who you are are. I had no idea about the comic - interesting...

Anonymous said...

Fritzi...I miss that. It's funny how you can still hear his voice yelling, "Fritzi, you're wanted on the horn!"

For me it was "Buf! Buuuf! Buuufff! BUFFY!!" I must have been lazy.