Friday, April 11, 2008


Benner and I had our big outing to Disneyland yesterday. Karyn, Mommy and CJ met up with us throughout the day.
I was pretending to be Snow White here. I guess Benner was a dwarf.
I love Miss Queenie. She asked Benner to dance and dance he did. Oh, some cute guy gave me beads.

Here Benner is looking cute. We had a lot of fun running around Pirate Island.

Karyn came prepared with a backpack full of trail mix. YUM.

I thought this duck family was the cutest thing ever.

Mommy and CJ went on a few rides but didn't last long. CJ took us to eat at the Blue Bayou. I had the portabello mushrooms on couscous. It was so good.
Mom and CJ went to the Tiki Room with us after lunch and then they went home.

I love Disnyland.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to bring me back a frozen banana?


Kevin and Amy said...

Lovely photos. I miss living so close to Disneyland. Wish I had gone more often. The last time I went with you and Karyn was tons of fun.


Katherine said...

Hi Auntie Kat! Thank you for putting me on your blog. So far I'm having a great birthday. Love your niece,

Anonymous said...

Cute pics!!!!! I miss you!!!!
Love Melis