Sunday, April 20, 2008

Inspiration for photos with Suzanne

My friend Suzanne is a photographer and I have big ideas for a photo shoot in Mississippi. It's something I'm working towards. I want to loose 10 pounds first. I'm thinking of having her do them next spring before we leave the south.

I have big plans to wear a vintage inspired look with this black parasol on the train tracks over here by my house. It kind of looks like the photo below.

I also want to take one like this Bettie photo. I plan to wear one of my vintage scarfs and some red lipstick. I'll button my shirt up though.

I like this photo because she's a girl on the move. I want to have Suzanne take one of me that is similar at the Hattiesburg Train Depot.
This is just something I'm looking forward to. I like putting it up here in the blog because then it feels more official and motivates me.
I've also told myself that I'll commission Suzanne to do this for me regardless of the ten pounds next spring.
I think it will be a good time for sure.

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