Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've been feeling under the weather. Thank goodness I have Daniel for a husband. He has been making Diet 7-up and soda cracker runs to the grocery store. He makes the best Diet 7-up and he always remembers to put a bendy straw with an umbrella in it. That makes me feel a little less gross and more glamorous. My Dominoe magazine came in the mail so I had fun things to read. Martha loaned me her copy of Chocolat (thanks Martha) so I had a fun movie to watch. I'm feeling a bit better today, not 100% but maybe 75%. I even made it to my morning walk. I think I'm going to go take a nap though.
I think tomorrow will be a 100% day.

Here's a pic of my Sick-o supplies. My family knows all about my "I'm sick" set up system.

I'm so thankful for Dan. Even though my first sick-o partner would be Baby Bono. He is so intuitive and comforting. I miss him so much. Dan is great. He has been taking care of me even though he has been busy writing papers. Go DAN.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Buffy posted photos of her Hawaii vacation on her blog. Check it out. I love this photo.
Buffy you are so cool.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tofu Dogs and Beer Brots

Chris and Martha invited us over for dinner tonight. This is Chris looking like a PRO at the grill.
My dear friend Martha is moving next month. I am so sad. She is my walking buddy (which really means she is my talking buddy.) I get really chatty when I'm out walking.

Joey and Chris

Martha and Baby Gabby

Joey is a Superstar.
Chris, Martha, Joey and Gabby, thank you for having us over for the fun night. I had to roll myself home but I had a blast.

Friday, April 25, 2008

We watched The Kite Runner tonight. I know, we're behind the times on seeing this great film. Thank goodness for Netflix. Anyhow, I was so moved by this film. There were some hard to watch scenes but the story was haunting. The subtitles were yellow which bugged me because the film was set in the desert (which yellow blends into.) Great movie.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fritzi, you're wanted on the horn.

My Dad never called me by my given name. He always called me Fritzi. Always. I think it is so sad that a nickname fades away from your memory. I was thinking about it tonight. My Dad used to sing me the Ka Ka Ka Katie song whenever I was down. I remember calling him from school or Alaska and he would sing it to me. Anyhow, I found these comic stips of Fritzi Ritz and I was thinking that maybe he got the nickname from them. It kind of fits don't you think? This first picture of Fritzi Ritz is so me.
The comic strip we now know as Nancy was originally named Fritzi Ritz and was created by Larry Whittington in 1922. It was all about the exploits of a New York "flapper" and promising movie starlet. In 1925 Ernie Bushmiller was brought in to do the strip. Ernie modeled Fritzi after the women he loved, Abby Bohnet. Five years later, in 1930, Ernie and Abby were married.
The comic strip followed Fritzi Ritz's romantic adventures & the situations she encountered as a free spirited, independant women of the 1920's. After winning a beauty contest, Fritzi worked as an actress in a small studio in New York. Fritzi, being the beautiful women that she was, and still is today, had many suitors and led quite an exciting life. It wasn't until 1933 that Nancy was introduced as Fritzi's orphaned niece.

I like that my Dad had a special name for me. I think I'm going to assume that he was inspired by this comic strip in some way. I don't want to forget the special name my Dad had for me. I'm going to find some way to showcase it in my life.
This is so me. The happy, gracious hostess to the bossy, sassy Kitty who is wondering how much of her expensive shampoo in the pretty bottle is being used. Buffy, does this sound familiar?
Have a lovely day.

Movie Date with Emma and Elise

I spent this afternoon with Emma and Elise and the pugs (Pugsly and Shadrach.) Suzanne and Neil needed a sitter for a couple hours and I love these girls (and their parents) so much, so I was there with bells on. Well, we watched The Swan Princess and played with the lovey puppies. Emma was watching a scene that had ladies in pink and white gowns dancing around. This was her commentary.
"I want that dress."
"I want those slippers."
(they were sparkly)
"I want that crown."
"Oh, I want those earrings too."
A few minutes pass.
"I want that Prince Charming too."
Miss Buffy returned from her Hawaii vacation today.
WELCOME HOME TO PHOENIX MISS BUFF We can't wait to see your vacation photos on your blog.
Anniversary Kababs
Daniel made chicken kababs, grilled artichokes, and squash for our anniversary dinner. They were so yummy. We had them with peanut sauce and cilantro mayonnaise. We watched the movie Anniversary Party. I love Alan Cumming.
Dan likes to cook and grill. I'm pretty lucky that way. I like baking. Oh, Dan also washes dishes. He's my HERO.

We bought this basil plant and pretty purple flowers for our special day.
I think Dan has big plan to use the fresh basil for his pesto when his parents come to visit in May. We can't wait to see them.

Our little garden gnomes kept Daniel company while he was grilling.

The finished KABABS.

"I feel very suburban when I'm grillin'."

I wish Dan and I were sleepy Otters. Then he could tow me around.
The end of this clip is my favorite part.

Monday, April 21, 2008



Happy Earth Day Dear Friends
I hope you all get the chance to celebrate and be outside today.
Happy Anniversary, Kitty!
a guest post by Dan

I just thought I would post a little note to commemorate our 2 year anniversary. What better way to do that than with a clip from the Flintsones, no? This song has been burned into my mind ever since I first saw this episode when I was a wee little grade schooler. I only wish I could sing it to Kat as enthusiastically as Fred and Barney. I know Kat would love it.

This is my new best friend Spencer. He is the cutest little boy ever.

Brian, Kirstin, and Baby Spencer were passing through Mississippi and they stopped by to say "Hello." They are moving (they look good for people who are moving, moving sucks). Dan and Brian were roommates at The University of Utah.

Brian and Kirstin took us out to lunch at The Pastry Garden. Dan and I love The Pastry Garden and we wanted to share it with them. We had such a lovely time. It was too short but we had so much fun catching up.
Thank you for visiting us, Brian, Kirsten, and Baby Spencer.

I think today is a Gene Kelly kind of day.

I want to be Leslie Caron

or Cyd Charisse.

I think I'll watch Singing in the Rain tonight while Dan works on his homework.
I might work on a project too.
I'm going to imagine that I'm dancing with Gene Kelly.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Inspiration for photos with Suzanne

My friend Suzanne is a photographer and I have big ideas for a photo shoot in Mississippi. It's something I'm working towards. I want to loose 10 pounds first. I'm thinking of having her do them next spring before we leave the south.

I have big plans to wear a vintage inspired look with this black parasol on the train tracks over here by my house. It kind of looks like the photo below.

I also want to take one like this Bettie photo. I plan to wear one of my vintage scarfs and some red lipstick. I'll button my shirt up though.

I like this photo because she's a girl on the move. I want to have Suzanne take one of me that is similar at the Hattiesburg Train Depot.
This is just something I'm looking forward to. I like putting it up here in the blog because then it feels more official and motivates me.
I've also told myself that I'll commission Suzanne to do this for me regardless of the ten pounds next spring.
I think it will be a good time for sure.

We went on a drive today. I've been wanting to get a photo of this airplane in Petal for a long time. I have big plans to get out my fancy camera that my Daddy gave me. Well, I had the fancy digital camera that my father-in-law gave us, so I had Dan take a photo of it. I think it's cool.

Hey Annie, here's CJ's twin. Your post cracked me up.