Sunday, March 09, 2008

This weekend has been fairly quiet. I've been on a downer because I didn't get the job I wanted. I won't go off on that. I will say this, I am so happy that we are getting close to our one-more-year-left-in-Mississippi mark.

Dan and I went to Baton Rouge with Ashleigh yesterday. We went to the temple for youth baptisms. I did laundry and handed out towels. It was a good time. Afterwards we went to the mall. They had a MACY'S, Williams Sonoma, and a Banana Republic. I didn't look around too much because I don't like spring and summer clothes. We had fun though.

I didn't make it to church today. I wasn't feeling well. I think my nerves got my tummy in a funk. I did go to a planning meeting for this BYU Idaho band and Habitat for Humanity event that I'm helping out on. I'm excited about it because it's helping out Habitat for Humanity and I think that is cool.

I like what my sister-in-law Katherine told me about being on a downer so I'm going to share. She said that she had a mission companion who would tell her that when things are going really bad, it just means that something great is about to happen. I really liked that. Thanks for sharing Katherine. You're the best.


amy said...

Sorry friend. Hope you feel better soon. Lots of love.


Kris said...

Oh sad! I'm sorry about the job. Maybe the job was perfect but you would've had to work with crappy people. Look at it that way! lol
And we both know that a ton of crap has to get waded through before you get to the good stuff. I think Tom Petty said "The waiting is the hardest part..."
Love you - hang in there.

Katherine said...

Ah gee--you're nice!

Midge said...

Thank you so much for the cute present, I really love it, you and Dan are so thoughtful. I need to find something to send you as a little pick me up. I'm sure it's true, something great is probably around the corner for you. Just know they are idiots for not hiring you, it is their loss not yours.