Thursday, March 20, 2008


The flowers are starting to bloom, so we went to Natchez, Mississippi, for a visit. It's on the Mississippi River. It has antebellum homes and a civil war cemetery. It also has some plantations that I'm looking forward to visiting. I'm hoping to go to the Showboat house with Dan's parents. They have a restaurant that serves mint juleps. Dan just told me that mint juleps have alcohol in them and they aren't the same as the ones at Disneyland. I still want to go, maybe they have virgin ones.

On the Way we stopped at the Piggly Wiggly in TYLERTOWN. Tyler, we thought you would like to see that there is a town named after you in Mississippi. Click on the picture and you will be able to see your name bigger.

I was talking to Buffy on the phone when I was in the car and she wanted to see a photo of my new hubcaps. We took the Camry to Walmart (I know, most of you know I'm not a fan of Walmart but I live in the South now and Walmart is big here) to have the oil changed and the tires rotated. They forgot to put the 3 air nubbies and one hubcap back on. CRAZY. Dan let them know and they gave us new hubcaps. Wasn't that nice. GO DAN!

The Piggly Wiggly looked just like the Brolims in Rexburg, Idaho, in 1994 so I had major Déjà vu about seeing this old freezer section down the middle of the aisle. The Piggly in Tylertown was great. It was super clean and it had great looking vegetables. I was impressed.

I got orange juice and cheddar cheese rice cakes for the ride. Two of my favorite things right now. I think I must be on an orange food kick.

We went to Mammie's Cupboard for lunch. We made it there 15 minutes before they closed for lunch. Dan had the lunch special which was pork loin with a muscadine glaze, wild rice, southern style green beans, and broccoli corn bread. He also ate my soup because it was beef vegetable and I don't eat red meat. I do eat chicken salad sandwiches on homemade bread and potato salad, though (oh, I also ate Dan's salad). YUM.

Here I am outside of Mammies. We ate in the skirt this time. Notice the ORB in the photo. Spooky Mammies.

We walked around downtown and looked at the antique stores. This building is a pharmacy that is still old fashioned and fancy. Dan bought me 5 cent green apple jolly ranchers.

Here I am in one of their fancy antique stores. I thought this fireplace was super pretty. This store felt more like a museum. They had paintings and chandeliers and fancy old beds that were selling for thousands and thousands of dollars. I kept my hands in my pockets so I wouldn't touch anything.

Next, we went to the cemetery. It has civil war graves. The headstones are beautiful and they have a lot of beautiful iron fences.

Dan is looking HOT (szzzzzz!) next to the Mississippi River.

We had a fun day. I wish we could have toured some of the homes. Maybe next year (my final year in Mississippi).



Anonymous said...

I think you're on to something with that orb. lol.

I love the hubcaps. They make your car look fancy. I wish I could have gone to Natchez with you! If I get to go again maybe you guys will buy me a couple Jolly Ranchers?

Katherine said...

I loved the narration of your trip. I feel like I was there, except for the fact that I can't take a huge bite out of that chicken salad sandwich---which I want to do. Fun day. I want to go to Spooky Mammies. I still have to show Tyler, Tylertown. He's still asleep this morning. Both he and Nicole will be very excited.

amy said...

What a cool town. I would love to visit someday.

Kris said...

That looks like a lovely day! The cemetery is esp cool - but I love old cemeteries...

Anonymous said...

Kat this cracked me up...Tylertown is where I am from! I love the "Pig" to that is what we call...Oh so funny I will have to take u to my parents one day you would love it

Love ya
Leigh Ann

Parker said...

Leigh Ann,
I thought Tylertown was the cutest place. It must be because you're from there. I would love to see where you're from with you. I think that would be the most fun.
love you.