Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I've been thinking about home today.
This is my dream house in Monrovia.

This is the home where my family lives. I moved there when I was one. I offically moved out when I was thirty. I miss it. It's funny how home feels safer than any other place. I feel like I can be myself and hide out at home. I do a pretty good job of being myself and hiding out in our home here in Mississippi too. But, home HOME is different.

My Mommy, Dad CJ and Baby Bono are still at home. I wish I could get on my magic carpet and run over for a visit. Dan could hitch a ride on my carpet with me.

I think Baby Bono is the best dog ever. He is truely a best friend. I wish he was here with me. But, my Mommy needs him to be her little sidekick and watch over the house. I hear he is really good at taking care of the house lately. He loves when the mail comes the most.


Kris said...

Ohhh-love your dream house! Even with my own home now I still feel almost more at "home" when I go over to my mom and dads! I know what you mean...

Midge said...

I miss California sometimes too, but I have to say I think I would rather live in Utah all things considered. Now if I was living in Mississippi I think it would be a different story.