Monday, March 24, 2008

Thoughtful Marjorie sent the sweetest note and cute little crafty buttons. I'm not a scrapbook er (she guessed that) and I am so excited to make them into push pins for my newish bulletin board. I'm still looking for the perfect vintage fabric or wallpaper to use as the background for my kitchen bulletin board. I think this will spice it up big time. Thanks for being such a great friend Marjorie. I feel like we are kindred spirits.


Midge said...

Oh I'm so glad you liked them. You are so sweet. Maybe some day we will actually live close enough we could become the bestest of friends.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should send you a picture, because that must be why I'm not on that pretty corkboard.


Anonymous said...

You'll find cute vintage fabric on, if that helps you finish your project. Yay, crafts!

Stephanie P.

Parker said...

Thanks Stephanie,
I love that I don't have to bid for the cute stuff on like you you do on ebay. Ebay makes me feel anxious.