Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pretty Karyn sent me a care package. It had Easter surprises in it. I was so excited. She even sent 100 calorie pack Girl Scout cookies. I didn't even know they sold those. I ate some already; they taste like Teddy Grahams. I was quite the Girl Scout cookie salesperson back in the day. I have wall plaques to prove it. Stick me in front of a grocery store at age "young" in a cute uniform and I can sell some thin mints. Karyn is so sweet. I told Dan that we weren't going to be able to have Easter baskets this year (because I don't have a job) and then sweet Karyn sent one full of love. She even sent post-its in the shape of our initials. Karyn you're the best.
Love Love


Amy said...

Karyn is so thoughtful. What a great friend. Happy Easter. Love ya

julie said...

I can vouch that Kathy can sell Girl Scout cookies!!! I was her leader....(and friend I hope). She was such a sweet person and I just love her!!! And Karyn is a sweetie as well. I always wanted her in my troop, but "too many waves" would have been caused if I had taken her from her troop leader. I tried. Wow, Girl Scouts...a world gone by...but such good memories. Love your blog site Kathy!!!.......and all I ever want is a caffeine free diet coke too! Hugs