Saturday, March 22, 2008


I love Easter. I wish I was with Buffy getting ready for a grand egg hunt. My Mommy hides the eggs and Benner watches while Annie, Buffy and I go on the hunt. Easter is my sister Buffy's favorite holiday. I loved helping my Mommy fill her basket up with goodies. Sadly, she is 8 years younger than I, so she isn't in any of these photos. I think Easter just got better when she came along. She has big plans to take photos of her pet bunny on Easter. I'm anxious to see them.



Katherine said...

I love all of your pictures!

Anonymous said...

This is, of course, my favorite post of date. I am a bad blogger, but I do have bunny Easter pictures in the works.


Anonymous said...

poor buf puf....where r u?