Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Pastry Garden and Shady Acres

Martha and I met at the Pastry Garden to have lunch today. We had a nice time chatting. Dan came and met up with me after he finished some school business. He presented a paper that he had written last semester. The paper explored why Emily Dickinson is so often included in children's poetry anthologies. Anyhow, he needed to come for lunch to celebrate. So, I spent some time at the Pastry Garden today. I love going there. Today was Navajo taco day.

I was driving home and I was thinking about my favorite places in Hattiesburg. My favorite places to eat are The Pastry Garden, Shady Acres and Sakura (sushi). I also like to get pad thai (to go) from Swannas every now and then. Anyhow, Shady Acres has tomatoe sandwiches that I like. They recently upped the prices and I think I can make them on my own for cheaper but I like to go there and remember how it felt when I was so new to being here. They used to have the coolest bathroom with funky signs in it. This one was my favorite.

I think it is so funny. I imagine whenever I think of the time I spent living in the South, I will think of this silly little sign.

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Kristen said...

Sometimes you just need that "place" to go to that is not home but feels familiar and friendly. This is how I feel about Starbucks - except yours sounds much more hometown and nice. I had a dream about you last night. Hope you are well and happy, spring is on the way!!