Saturday, February 09, 2008

Daniel cut his thumb with his pocket knife. He got to use two Scooby Doo band aides. Poor, Daniel.


christymusic said...

Hey Bubby! Thanks for all the comments on my Blog. I stared it because of yours. It is pretty cool. You are good at taking pictures everyday.

Too bad your guys weren't at my house, you might have ended up with Barbie Band aids or better yet, High School Musical.


Kitty said...

Dan won't use my HELLO KITTY band aides so he picked out his Scooby Doo ones. I bet pretty Jaya picked out the Barbie and High School Musical ones. Too cute.

Midge said...

Ouchy, sorry Dan, hope Kat was there to kiss it better for you. You be more careful now.

Anonymous said...

Enoch has band aids that look like tattoos from the Cars movie. He calls them "bam baids." They are even water proof. I am sure if you ask him he will totally hook you up.

Anonymous said...

So sad you hurt you "widdle" finger. Hope Scooby Doo made it better.