Friday, January 25, 2008

Miss Leigh Ann, my Southern Belle friend, came over for a visit. We got to talk about her new ENGAGEMENT to Davey. Her ring is beautiful and she is so happy. I am so excited for her. Leigh Ann and I met when I worked for Cellular South. She would always brighten my days with her optimism and southern charm. She is going to be the most beautiful bride.
I think I need to start wearing makeup again. I've been a little lazy lately. Photos of me will get better. I've lost 15 pounds since Christmas and I'm giving up the Diet Coke and eating healthy. I'm starting to feel a lot better and happier.


Katherine said...

Wow Kat! That's great! Hey look! I'm a commenter now.:)

Anonymous said...

15 pounds and no Diet Coke?! I am impressed. I am glad you are feeling better.

Midge said...

Miss Kat, I think you are a hotty with or without the makeup. Dan has excellent taste in women.