Monday, December 29, 2008

Benner, feel better.

My baby brother is in the hospital. He is SICK. He missed his flight back to Utah. He will be recuperating with Baby Bono in California.

Bono has some mad nursing skills. This is a photo of Bono taking care of me. I'm headless.
Benner, we hope you feel 100% sooner rather than later.
The Utah slopes miss you.
love you

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Our list of activities we hope to do while in Seattle with our family is working out well. We have checked off a few items. Today we checked off some of the movies we were hoping to watch together. We watched Holiday Inn and Singing in the Rain.

Singing in the Rain is one of my favorite films (I love Gene Kelly). This was my first time watching Holiday Inn and I really liked it. I think I will watch it again next Christmas for sure.
The Very Merry Morris Christmas

I got ahead of myself and almost forgot to share with you the good times we had at our Christmas celebration. Matt made this angel when he was a little boy. I think I will make one next year. What a great idea. Hooray for Matt.

Matt had some fun times with Tyler.

Doug filled out postcards and pretty Nicole helped him.

My sweet Mother-in-law made a lovely dinner full of traditional Christmas goodness. She really worked too hard. It was perfect.

This photo is sad because Katherine isn't in it. Boo Hoo.

Nicole gave her Grandma the best present of Christmas. Her wish for the year.
A wish is always a perfect present.

Gillman Town Hall and Jail

We visited the Gillman Town Hall Museum.

Katherine and Nicole spotted this phonebook. Isn't it lovely?

I want to figure out how to do this to my windows someday.

The ladies and Dan have big plans to watch Little Women with my Mother-in-law on her birthday tomorrow. This museum had a rag bag and an old curling iron. I asked Nicole to remember what she was seeing so it would make sense when she watched the movie. It will be her first viewing.

This is the old jail. Nicole and Tyler weren't very impressed.

Nicole didn't like the chamber pot one bit.

Dan loves visiting these little museums. Afterwards he took us to his favorite place to look at kitty cats.

We had our Washington wedding reception at the Issaquah Train Depot. It was a special treat to visit it and reminisce.

Daniel and his Daddy really like trains. This love of trains made me love Dan more because my Daddy was into trains too.

We didn't get many photo's of our reception in Washington. But, we did get one taken of us on this caboose.

This is the room where our reception was.

The depot also has a museum. Dan is on the hunt for one of these typewriters. I hope to find one for him someday.

Tyler practiced his Morse code.

Adventures in Issaquah

We went to XXX Root Beer Drive In. Most of you know that Daniel loves hamburgers and root beer. So he was a happy man.

Uncle Dan's beard is blocking Tyler's face here. Shame on Uncle Dan's beard.

I had a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings. It was good. Nicole got a plastic camel on her drink and Tyler got a plastic monkey on his. Nicole gave me her camel and I felt like the luckiest auntie ever. I can't wait to put it in my nick knack shelf in Mississippi. Well, I can wait but it is going to look super cute there.
Thanks Nicole, you are super thoughtful and pretty.

Check out Tyler's monkey. It is cute just like him.

We visited Boehm's Candy yesterday. It's up there with Disneyland for Dan and me. The girls wear adorable costumes and offer treats to visitors. It's a magical chocolate factory.

There we're all kinds of treats to choose from.

Of course we had to take a photo of ourselves because that is what we always do.

I chose Mr. Bumblebee and Miss Ladybug to be my special treats. I won't eat them though. They are too cute and friendly.

I'm a sucker for a chalet decorated with gnomes.

I think the rest of the family had a great time too.
I must say that Doug's fudge was my biggest temptation and downfall. He makes some mean fudge.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter Wonderland Fun

Nicole and Tyler were so well prepared for snow fun.

Dan and Dad cleared the driveway and I thought they looked adorable. Probably because I never see snow.

I wasn't prepared for snow fun but I tried to make do.

Nicole and Tyler made the cutest snowman.

Later on the snowman got hair and a new cape. He was turned into a SUPER snowman.

The cape belonged t0 Dan's older brother Matt. Dan took it over when he was little. I think it's adorable.
Well done, Nicole and Tyler.